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This is the latest update on Covid-19 in Madeira island, which our government intrusted us to divulge through our means.

So here are the most update numbers and measures:

“One month after the resumption of he tourist activity, the Autonomous Region of Madeira registers to date, a total number of 116 cases of infection, of which only 18 are still active, continuing to be one of the safest destinations to travel in Europe as the result of the effective control of the pandemic in the Archipelago of Madeira, without any community transmission and with the registration of only 90 cases before the reopening of tourism, on July 1. It should also be noted that there were no deaths so far.

As a preventive measure, the Regional Government of Madeira determined, as of August 1, through Resolution 551/2020 of July 30, the use of a mask in public areas, with the following exceptions, whenever social distancing is respected, and in specific situations:

• Children up to 10 years of age;

• Incapacitated persons (those who have difficulty in putting/removing the mask without assistance);

• When doing sports;

• At the beach, bathing areas and complexes as well as sea access points, with exception to the sanitary facilities, where the face mask is mandatory;

• During any physical and/or leisure activity which requires physical strain;

• During recreational and sporting activities in forest areas and along the recommended footpaths.

The measure aims not to compromise the comfort and enjoyment of outdoor areas, but to continue to allow the practice of most tourist entertainment activities by citizens and visitors, as long as social distancing, respiratory etiquette and frequent hand washing/disinfection is respected.

It should be noted that Madeira and Porto Santo Islands were the first Portuguese destination to have a guide of Good Practices to deal with Covid-19 and one of the only world destinations to advance with the health certification of the entire destination. Another measure was the implementation of the control system on arrival in the archipelago, with free tests carried out at the airport, ports, marinas and in registered laboratories on mainland Portugal.

Hospitality is part of the culture of the Madeiran people, with a history of almost two centuries of tourist activity, remaining as Madeira’s greatest assets. Hence, the concern to humanize and make the arrival in the archipelago as much pleasant as possible has been an important effort of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, transforming the airport reception into a good first tourist experience. And the reactions of passengers have been very positive with this whole process.

From August onwards, there will be a very significant reinforcement of air connections to the region, reaching around 140 weekly flights, as a result of the enormous efforts made by all involved players in the tourism sector, despite the many obstacles that we continue to face due to the restrictive circulation measures implemented by many countries, and it is certain that the Regional Government of Madeira will continue to work to reinforce the resumption of tourist activity in the region.

Best regards”