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Canyoning Madeira Island
Canyoning Madeira Island

Old ways of Madeira island in this new millennium.

If you follow us, by now you know that we are daily in the most remote and secluded places in Madeira island.

There’s one thing that never ceases to amaze us is when we see traces and evidences of our ancestor’s hard work and ingenuity.

Specially through the presence of old abandoned “Levadas” (small water channels) or small constructions, built more than a hundred years ago.

With all the formation that we have gotten throughout our professional life not only as canyoning and adventure sports guides but also with our formation as mountain and nature guides.

We’ve studied it already, but to see it in person in the middle of nowhere makes it even more interesting and special.

Also, because they have accessed the most incredible and inaccessible places with the means that they had at the time (or in this case didn’t).

Therefore, is doubly impressive for us since we are there with top of the line gear and all the safety equipment and techniques and sometimes it’s still hard to get there.

We cannot stop wondering how adventurous and ingenious they had to be to get there and all they had to endure to access it in order to succeed and thrive in this mountainous and inospit terrain.

And you know what, we still use some paths that they have left behind.

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