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Travelling Madeira by Bus

  Exploring Madeira Island can present challenges when it comes to transportation. If you’re comfortable with narrow and winding roads, the most favourable option is undoubtedly renting a car and traversing the entire island. However, there are instances where booking a tour can be the best choice. For example, a 4×4 tour (off-roading is not…

Mountains of Madeira Island

Did you know that Madeira island has three of the highest mountains in Portugal?   Therefore we’ve decided to let you know a bit more about one our favourites mountains, but first things first so let’s start with some presentations. The highest mountain in the Island is “Pico Ruivo” with 1861m (6105ft) and is accessible…

The Hotspot

Like Hawaii Yellowstone or Iceland, Madeira Island has it’s origins in a volcanic event know as an Hotspot. However, the one we present to you today is a completely different one. It’s an outdoor activity an leisure hotspot. The area we’re referring to is Ponta de São Lourenço, on the far-east end of the island….

Bouldering in Madeira Island

First of all, for the ones that aren’t familiar with the term or concept of Bouldering in the Climbing world . So, bouldering is basically climbing on small rock formations, without the use of ropes, harnesses. However your encouraged to use your climbing shoes, chalk if needed and a crash pad to prevent potential injuries….

Fanal the Fairyland

Fairies and gnomes? When you think of this subject, certainly you in-visualize a green area with ancient trees and water flowing gently…  So we present to you today the magical area of Fanal, the place that if Fairies, gnomes exist this is definitely their home… Since we haven’t had any rain this winter, this is…

Madeira Farmers Market

The Madeira Farmers Market locally named “Mercado dos Lavradores” is a historical building located in the historic area of Santa Maria. It’s undoubtedly one of the must go to places when you’re in Funchal. It offers a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as fresh fish and flowers. Also, meat and spices can…