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Canyoning Ribeira Inferno

So, let us start from the end. 🙃


Transport Logistics

If you have two cars, you’ll need to leave one car at the end, preferably around the waterfall of Agua D’alto, since the end of the canyon is here on this closed road.

With only one car, you must arrange a lift-up when you finish the canyoning (the connection is around 10 km).

In any case, you should use this as an opportunity to check the water level in the canyon, especially in wintertime.

The access to this canyon is made through the area of Ginjas, in the surroundings of the Parque Empresarial de São Vicente. Where you’ll leave your second car, change clothes and start hiking.

Estrada das Ginjas

Leave your car here before the dirt road.


Access to the Canyon

You need to hike up on the dirt road, which takes around 5 minutes,  until the route PR16 – Levada Fajã do Rodrigues (there are signs there), which you’ll do all the way to the end, which takes around 45 minutes to do.

You’ll encounter some tunnels on the way there. The longest is around 1km, so carrying a flashlight is advised and the helmet on as well 😉

Tunnel Levada Faja Rodrigues

Yes, this is our best tunnel picture 😅

On the way to the canyon, and if the weather permits it, you’ll encounter stunning views over the valley of Sao Vicente, and you’ll also see some canyons like Pombos, Passo, and an affluent of Ribeira do Inferno known as Capulla . The first big waterfall you’ll encounter is Pombos, which you can use as an indicator since if there’s the presence of a good water flow there, don’t go into Inferno  Canyon.

It’s best to hike in your shorts/underwear until the canyon,  and you have a place to gear up just before the canyoning.

Gearing up for canyoning

The changing room



The Canyon 

Nature-wise, this is one of the most impressive canyons on Madeira Island.

Unfortunately, we aren’t good enough writers to describe such beauty. This is really one of those must-see, must-do types of things.

What we say about this canyon is that what makes it beautiful also makes it dangerous- It’s narrow, has huge walls and water coming in from countless affluents, all of that in the most amazing natural green that you’ll ever see, which in turn makes it a typical slippery Madeira Laurel Forest Canyon.

– “Is it worth it?”

– Oh, it most definitely is.


On a group of 4/5 autonomous canyoneers, you’ll need between 4H30 and 6H to accomplish it.

It has an extension of  3.1km and twenty-seven rappels, with the maximum waterfall being 42 meters. However, the minimum rope you’ll need is 35m (x2)

Our gear recommendation is to take a 5mm neoprene two-piece wetsuit, at least 3mm socks and a pair of good Canyoning shoes.



The end and exit of this canyon is by the old road, and if you leave the car by Agua D’alto Waterfall, you’re 5 minutes from it.




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