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canyoning Madeira Island, a man on a waterfall looking at the ocean

Can you imagine what it is like to go down an EPIC waterfall with a stunning ocean view?

You can’t?  No problem, we’ve got you 😁😎  Here’s the place 👇

🌐 EPIC Madeira  📱+351 913 988 682  ( WhatsApp Available)


If you’re interested in booking this specific canyon, here’s a bit of info about it:

 This is Pedra Branca Canyoning, located in Seixal on the north coast of Madeira Island.

 It’s one of our favourite advanced canyons, but we usually only do it by request since we mostly use the Ribeira Funda canyoning as our go-to advanced option.

Here are some specifics about this canyon :

  • It has an approximation (the hike you do to access the canyon) of around 25 minutes.
  • The go down this canyon usually takes around 2H30 to 3H
  • It has ten waterfalls 
  • The highest waterfall is 55 meters
  • The extension of the canyon is around 400meters
  • No jumps
  • Available all year round


The highlights of this canyon:

  • It’s big and narrow walls
  • The hike, with its astonishing views
  • The big waterfall which is just EPIC
  • The last waterfall with an ocean view rappel
  • No walking inside the canyon. It’s just one waterfall after another.