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One of the things we like the most is seeing people sharing their experiences while travelling to Madeira.

This way we can get refreshing new insights on the island with a different “set of eyes”, and really feel that we’re blessed to live in such a beautiful island.

Recently we got a visit from the trail runner and athletic instructors from Poland Julita Kotecka and Pawel.

And of course, they had to go canyoning in Madeira with us.

The route chosen for the day was the Ribeiro Frio canyon, a breathtaking canyon in Laurel Forest’s heart.

Depending on the time of the year, or amount of rain that we’ve been having can be one of the most fun and aquatic canyons in Madeira.

Lots of jumping and swimming is also involved.

After this experience, they made a really cool video of their canyoning with us, that you can check here:

Ribeiro Frio Canyoning Video.

Besides that, they made an entire article about their week in Madeira.

With lots of tips and really cool pictures of a bit of what you can see and do in Madeira.

The article is Polish, but your browser can easily translate that, and it’s really worth a visit.

Here is the Part one and Part two.

And you? Have you already been to Madeira? Let us know how was your experience we’d love to hear it and share it.

On the other hand, if you haven’t been here before and are planning on coming or want to know more about it, just let us know 😉

Share your travel experience canyoning in Madeira
Ribeiro Frio Canyon