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Amidst these troubled times that the world has been immersed in, we still had to celebrate our EPIC Madeira birthday.

And like always make it one of our year’s highlights.

So we’ve combined EPIC’s Anniversary and Christmas celebrations.

And the plan was simple, celebrate it Madeiran style and make it EPIC, including a lot of Poncha, Espetada, Bolo do Caco.

Some more of our traditional food and drinks were also on the menu but we’ll get into that with more detail on a dedicated post about Madeiran food.


First things first and let’s start with the celebratory canyoning!

As you know we do canyoning every day all year round, and as any mountain activity should be it usually starts really early in the morning, unless you’re doing night canyoning. 😅

But since this is a very special day, we wanted to make it different (and also sleep in a bit more than usual) as of that we planned for the canyoning to start just after lunch.

The requirements were only two: Big waterfalls and not much walking from one obstacle to another.

The Canyon

So our choice had to be a canyon close to civilization, so Ribeira Funda in Ribeira Brava, was the way to go.

With a grading of V4a3II this was spot on!

We were expecting for it to have a reasonable water level due to the recent rainfall.

That wasn’t the case since the water doesn’t last long in this canyon.

Besides that in the upper section, there’s a Levada that diverts the water from the canyon into the crops.

The approximation took us around 25 minutes from the place where we parked the van until the beginning of the canyon.

Going up is as demanding as beautiful, due to the stairway’s inclination and the extraordinary vistas.

You can see the entire valley of Ribeira Brava, from the mountains of Encumeada until the ocean… Stunning! 🤩

Regarding the canyon, it has only 200m of length but some huge waterfalls, such as 70m and 90m which were our main reason to go there.

The vegetation isn’t quite what we’re used to.

Because we daily gocanyoning in the laurel forest’s lush vegetation.

On the other side, the huge mountains around really compensate for that.

But to sum things up in one word, it was EPIC!

After this Epic canyoning, it was time for some refuelling.

Thought we were going to leave you without some pictures from the canyoning?

Here’s something even better, a video from our very own filmmaker EdgarAdventure with some stunning unseen drone footage.

So, go on our Youtube Channel and view this EPIC VIDEO and please don’t forget to subscribe to receive our latest videos